Dirt Cup pictures are up! 
I missed Dirt Cup last year and I sure didn't want to miss it this year. I'm happy that I made it up to tell the story. ASCS sprints, midgets, modifieds, and some pics from the kickball game are posted here...

http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Racer4 ... amp;page=1

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Time to Review: Dirt Cup 44 reflections 
Here were some things to do for Jason Solwold in his career. Win track championships at Skagit Speedway? He has a sportsman title and two 360 titles to his credit. Win the 360 (now Summer) Nationals? He did so three times. Beat the World of Outlaws and the National Sprint Tour? Yes on both counts (two wins in both racing bodies). Win Dirt Cup? Finally!

Solwold led all 40 laps in Saturday’s A-Main of the 44th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box in front of thousands of fans at Skagit Speedway, and the Dirt Cup title stays in the state of Washington. The Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV American Real made its first ever appearance at Skagit, but Solwold had the winning hand and earned a $15,000 payday.

Nixa, Missouri’s Kyle Bellm led the first eleven laps in Thursday’s 25-lap main event. Lap twelve changed everything, as Chase Goetz slowed on the backstretch and Bellm clipped him in turn three! Bellm had to go to the pits with rear end damage and he was done for the night. That gave the lead to Solwold, with Tayler Malsam and Colton Heath advancing to second and third. Last year’s Bob’s Burgers and Brew Summer Nationals winner Seth Bergman was coming through the pack from the 12th starting spot and passed pole sitter Trever Kirkland for fourth in turn three on the restart. Seth was closing in on Malsam and Heath with four laps to go when he nearly spun in turn two, and he lost fourth to Wayne Johnson. Seth would bring out a yellow flag with a lap and a half to go when he stopped in the second corner. Heath took second from Malsam out of turn two on the restart and tried to close in on Solwold’s #18 car. The race went into overtime when the red lights blinked on the final lap, as Cam Smith tipped over in a turn one tangle with Matt Covington and Sean MacDonell. Despite going into extra innings, Solwold held everybody off. Second through fifth were Heath, Malsam, Johnson, and ASCS national points leader Aaron Reutzel (who started 16th).

Jordan Weaver and Bergman were on the front row for Friday’s 25-lapper. Weaver barely got the lead on the first lap, as she got it by a nose. Seth showed why he’s so experienced at Skagit, as he went to the inside of Jordan going into turn one and made the pass on the next lap. Solwold passed Weaver for the runner-up spot out of turn four on lap four, but he didn’t have anything for Bergman. Reutzel stopped on the frontchute on lap eight to bring out a caution, and it turned it out to be the only slowdown. Bergman had everything under control and got his third ASCS national win of 2015 with Solwold crossing the line in second. Last year’s Dirt Cup champion Brock Lemley made a successful slide job on the final corner to take third from Weaver, and we had an all-Washington podium again. Weaver settled for fourth and Travis Rilat was fifth.

Solwold started Saturday’s big dance on the pole and led all the way. The yellow flag flew after the first lap was in the books when Lemley was off the pace out of turn four, and it created a logjam. :( Greg Hamilton went for a piggyback ride on Covington’s car down the frontstretch and got some airtime, but somehow didn’t flip. The restart was no good, as Kirkland did a pirouette in turn two. Lemley went pitside during the yellow and didn’t return. Solwold still showed the way with Malsam and Willie Croft trailing. Croft passed Malsam in turn three for the second spot as they completed lap number eleven. Bergman was back into the fray, as he used the high line to pass Malsam for third out of turn four five laps later. The next yellow flag didn’t fly until lap 29, as Weaver slowed on the backstretch. Reutzel moved up to third on the 30th lap when he went down low to get by Bergman in turn three. Bergman began to fade and fell out of the top five by lap 33. Skylar Gee took a hard flip in turn four to bring out a red flag on lap number 34, then Johnson also got on his head in turn four two laps later. Both Skylar and Wayne were uninjured. Solwold had an incredible restart, while the battle was on behind him. Reutzel took second from Croft in turn three with two to go, but that happened about a half a straightaway behind Solwold. Racin’ Jason wanted to win Dirt Cup for so long and he did it at last. Reutzel finished a strong second after starting tenth with Croft in third. “Hollywood” Johnny Herrera scaled up eleven spots to fourth with Rilat in fifth for the second straight night.

In support action, the Northwest Focus Midgets had a wild 20-lap A-Main on Friday. The race had a red flag on the opening lap for a huge crash on the backstretch, as Doug Anderson climbed Jeremiah Franklin’s right rear tire and went for a nasty tumble. Garrett Thomas also got on his lid, while Todd Hartmann and Thomas Walker were also involved. All drivers would be okay. Tristin Thomas started on the pole thanks to a zero inversion and led from start to finish. Behind him, Ryan Cully fended off multiple challenges to finish in the number two spot. Lance Sargent fell to fifth early on, but got up to third as he took that spot away from Dougie James out of turn two with two laps to go. James was fourth and Nick Evans was fifth.

Redmond, Oregon veteran Mark Carrell led all 25 laps in Saturday's Shipwreck Beads modifieds feature, which had six yellow flags. Grays Harbor Raceway points leader Tom Sweatman took second from Lawrence O’Connor on a lap 18 restart and held that spot at the finish. O’Connor was third with Kevin Smith getting fourth. Kyler Moore came back from spinning in turn two on lap six to round out the top five driving Louis Nutter, Sr.’s #51 car.

It won’t be long until I go racing again, as I’m back at it this weekend. Dirt Cup 44 is in the history books and chalk up another one for the state of Washington! My thoughts on DC begin now...

A Bigger Turnout: The last three Dirt Cups had car counts of under 40 cars, but the switch to having the ASCS drivers coming over for the first time seemed to be the right call. 51 cars were in the pits for both Thursday and Friday. The last time DC had 50+ cars was in 2008, where 54 showed up. Five heat races were needed, as well as a D-Main.

Reutzel Rolls On: Aaron fell out of Friday’s A-Main when he came to a halt on the frontstretch on lap number eight, but he had solid finishes for the other two nights. He changed a motor before Thursday’s main event and had to start 16th instead of 12th, but passed eleven cars to go up to fifth. After Saturday's runner-up finish, Aaron padded his points lead from 48 to 71 points. Second place in the standings changed hands, as Bergman took that position away from Herrera.

Weaver of Life: Weaver turned a lot of heads in her first Dirt Cup. The young lady from Woodward, Oklahoma was running fourth with four laps left in Thursday’s second B-Main, but she zipped to the front. She stole the lead from Gee in turn three on the next-to-last lap and that gave her a ticket to the A, where she ended up 14th. Jordan had a stronger day Friday, as she won the fourth heat and drew the one pill to snag the pole position for the A-Main! She led the first lap before losing the top spot to Bergman and almost got third place at the finish, but got passed at the last turn by Lemley. Jordan had more than enough points to go into Saturday’s show, where she started eighth. She fell out on the 29th lap and finished 17th, but her Dirt Cup wasn't a disappointment in any way.

From the Frontier: The ASCS Frontier Region brought along the top five drivers in points to Dirt Cup. They were J.J. Hickle, Phil Dietz, Kelly Miller, Gee, and Kirkland. Kirkland started on the pole in Thursday’s main event before slipping to eighth and he had the 16th and final lock-in spot for Saturday’s A-Main. Trever had the highest finish of the Frontier guys with a 13th-place finish, as he recovered from nearly rolling over in turn two on a lap one restart. Gee was 16th after taking a jolting flip in turn four with six laps left. Hickle struggled throughout Dirt Cup and didn’t make any of the A-Mains.

Albertans and Kiwis: Dirt Cup attracts drivers from around the globe and this year is no different. Besides Gee, there were six other drivers that made the prolonged drive from Alberta. Marc Duperron came down along with MacDonell, David Miller, Kelly Miller, Steve Reeves, former Skagit 360 champ Trevor Turnbull, and Kyle van Ulden. Daniel Anderson was the only driver from New Zealand in last year’s Dirt Cup, but he was joined by NZ champion Jamie Duff in this year’s running. Jamie made his Dirt Cup debut driving a Doug Rutz-prepared car.

Passing Points: With over 50 cars, finishing at the front is very crucial as well as passing as many cars as possible with the ASCS points format in place. It’s like the Fred Brownfield Memorial at Grays Harbor Raceway in 2009 and 2010 where you can finish second in a heat race and still have to go to a B-Main. That’s what happened to Robbie Price, Gee, Duperron (both nights), Johnson, and Derek Roberts. Duperron didn’t make Friday’s main event, and neither did Johnson.

Going for a Wild Ride Again: The scariest moment occurred on the opening lap of Friday’s first B-Main, as Reeves and Kris Miller made contact down the backstretch. Steve took a horrific flip and Bellm also got upside-down by the catch fence. Travis Jacobson got a piece of Reeves’ flipping car, while Kyle Miller and Anderson got collected as well. Steve was uninjured, but his Dirt Cup was over. He has more than his share of nasty crashes on the backchute and turn three at Skagit for the past couple seasons, including both nights in last year’s Summer Nationals.

Tristin the Piston: T. Thomas collected his second midget win of '15 on Friday, which makes him third in line in the win total. G. Thomas leads with four victories and Mike Vollbrecht has three. However, Tristin is blowing everyone else away in a couple of other categories. He’s the fast time award winner in ten of the twelve races this season, and has finished in the top five in all of the races except for one (a seventh at Skagit on May 30).

Battle of the 27’s: The rivalry between O’Connor and Carrell has been brewing since Skagit‘s season opener on April 18, as Lawrence’s multi-colored #27EH modified edged out Mark’s red straight-up #27 car by an eyelash at the flagstand. Lawrence won again on May 2, but Mark has won the last three races at Skagit. That gives Mark four victories on the year, as he went to victory lane at GHR on May 9.

Kick It Out: The Big Al Kids & Motorsports Foundation hosted the fourth annual Kick-It for Cancer kickball game at the track’s parking lot Saturday morning. Several drivers and officials played in it, and a lot of fun was had by all. ASCS Frontier Region announcer/PR and NWRaceTalk.com’s own Andrew Kunas did a bang up job doing the play-by-play and auction. The two teams played to a 20-20 tie, and Christopher Lindor was the star of the game by going a perfect 6-for-6. Sportsman sprint driver Devin Barnes kicked a two-run homer, as the ball sailed deep into the outfield and bounced off a spectator’s car!

Number for the Weekend: 11. Drivers from Washington made up exactly half of Saturday’s A-Main lineup. Five of them ended up in the top ten. Bergman, Heath, Trey Starks, and Malsam finished in positions six through nine.

Consistency Award: Croft. Willie was the lone driver from California and he was third in Saturday's feature (third was also his finish in last year's DC). He also had a seventh on Thursday and a sixth on Friday. Rilat had a stout three days aboard Richard Saumure’s #39C car with a ninth-place run on Thursday, followed by back-to-back fifths. Also of note, Malsam had a third and two ninths in Kevin Rudeen’s #26.

Hard Luck Award: Darren Smith. After finishing 16th in Thursday’s first B-Main, Darren had mechanical problems in Friday’s hot laps and that was the end of his Dirt Cup.

“Never Say Die” Award: Travis Jacobson. T-Jac’s crew made repairs after being involved in the Reeves crash at the start of Friday’s first B-Main. Travis was definitely the one to watch as he was picking them off and putting them down after the green flag flew. The race went red with three laps to go, as Johnson and Blake Hahn got together in turn three while racing for the lead. Blake flipped into the wall and Wayne went pitside with a flat right rear tire. Roberts was the new leader, and Jacobson was up to fourth! Travis passed Dietz for third place out of turn two on the restart and got a spot in the A. T-Jac just missed transferring into Saturday’s main event with a fourth-place finish in the second B-Main, as he ran out of time to catch up to Price.

Heartbreaker Award: Cale Brooke. Cale scored a runaway victory in Friday’s second heat, but he was disqualified for having an illegal right rear tire. Instead of going to the redraw for the A-Main, he started dead last in the second B. The heat race win was awarded to fellow Canadian Luke Didiuk.

Next race: The Fred Brownfield Classic presented by Little Creek Casino Resort at Grays Harbor Raceway Friday and Saturday, as the tour through Washington continues for the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV American Real. The Northwest Focus Midgets are also on the program for both nights.

Pictures: http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n205/Racer4u_2006/

Blog: http://www.shauninthedirt.com/bensblog

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Jumping the Start: Fred Brownfield Classic presented by Little Creek Casino Resort 
The Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV American Real is getting ready to set off some fireworks for a Fourth of July weekend race. This is for the Fred Brownfield Classic presented by Little Creek Casino Resort at Grays Harbor Raceway Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s main event pays $3,000 to win and Saturday’s feature has $4,000 waiting for the winner. The last time the ASCS invaded GHR was on July 12-13, 2013. The winners for those races were Travis Rilat and Jason Johnson.

The ASCS drivers came off a very successful 44th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box at Skagit Speedway last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a complete sweep for the Washington contingent, as Jason Solwold won Thursday and ASCS regular Seth Bergman captured Friday’s program. Solwold finally got a Dirt Cup victory under his belt, as he led all 40 laps in Saturday’s $15,000-to-win main event. Current ASCS national points leader Aaron Reutzel started tenth and finished second, while Willie Croft rounded out the podium.

The Northwest Focus Midgets will race both nights in the Brownfield, too. They were at Skagit Friday night, where Tristin Thomas led wire-to-wire. Ryan Cully was second and Lance Sargent was third.

The weather for Dirt Cup was warm, and it’ll be even hotter for the Fred Brownfield Classic. Dirt Cup was an exciting race, and the ASCS drivers are ready to put on another incredible show in the Brownfield.

By the way, my recap for Dirt Cup is being worked on as we speak!

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Jumping the Start: 44th Annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box 
It’s coming up on the last weekend of June and Pacific Northwest sprint car fans know what that means. It’s almost time for the 44th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box, which takes place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Skagit Speedway.

Headlining Dirt Cup for the first time will be the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV American Real. Thursday and Friday’s main events pay $2,000 to win, but Saturday’s finale jumps up to $15,000 for the champion! Dirt Cup is also rounds four, five, and six for the Summer Thunder Sprint Series presented by Here 2 Wire and FinishLine Graphics.

Brock Lemley won last year’s rain-shortened race on his way to a $20,000 check. The previous driver from Washington to win Dirt Cup was Jayme Barnes, who did so in ‘08 and ‘09. Look for racers like Lemley, Colton Heath, Jason Solwold, Eric Fisher, Robbie Price, Trey Starks, and many others from the Northwest to try to win another one for the locals.

The ASCS drivers wrapped up Summer Sizzlin’ Speedweek last Saturday at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri. Tony Bruce, Jr. was the winner of that race, while Wayne Johnson was the overall Speedweek champion. Aaron Reutzel is the ASCS points leader with 1,386 points, followed by Johnny Herrera at 1,328. Snohomish, Washington native Seth Bergman is third at 1,309 points with Johnson right behind at 1,306 and Jeff Swindell is fifth with 1,263.

The Northwest Focus Midgets are set to compete on Friday. Garrett Thomas got his second career victory at Skagit last Saturday, after getting his first back on May 2. He also has two wins at Grays Harbor Raceway this season.

Joining the ASCS drivers in Saturday’s card are the outlaw tuners. The class of the field in that division is three-time and defending champion Freddie Vela. He has won five of the eight races so far in 2015 and he leads Matt Powers by 44 points. Cliff Ballenger, Brandon Berg, and Jon Gunderson complete the top five in points.

Last year’s event had problems with rain, but not this year. All three days are expected to be sunny and very warm. Race fans will witness history with the first ever ASCS event at Skagit, and drivers from all over will make this year’s Dirt Cup one to remember.

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Pictures from round #8 at Grays Harbor Raceway ready to view 
Saturday's shots from GHR are uploaded. Enjoy them and I hope to see some of you at Dirt Cup next week!

http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Racer4 ... amp;page=1

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Time to Review: Notes for 6/13 
Grays Harbor Raceway completed its eighth round of racing under very sunny skies and the pits were filled once again with four different divisions ready to bring their “A” game. So far, GHR hasn’t cancelled a single race in 2015. That’s compared to only two rainouts last year, so GHR has been very fortunate in getting the races done.

The first main event of the night went to the Northwest Focus Midgets and their 20-lapper. This was just the third start for Doug Anderson, but he drove like a seasoned veteran as he took the lead from pole sitter Lee St. Paul and he went wire-to-wire. Fast qualifier Jared Peterson started fourth and jumped to second out of turn two on the opening lap. Anderson did a great job in hitting his marks and maintained a comfortable lead until the yellow flag flew on lap 13, as Nick Evans did a 360 spin in turns three and four while battling for third with St. Paul. Another yellow was needed two laps later for Hannah Lindquist’s spin coming out of turn four. Ninth place starter Tristin Thomas took second from Peterson at the line on the 16th tour and he began to reel Anderson in. Tristin looked underneath a couple of times on the final lap, but there’s no stopping “Diamond” Doug in getting his first career win. Tristin settled for second, with Peterson, St. Paul, and Mike Vollbrecht third through fifth.

Next up is the Washington Modified Tour’s 25-lap main event. The first try to start was a no-go, and that was followed by Aaron Weston’s turn four spin on the restart. Tom Sweatman was out front with Graham Cook and Mark Carrell next in line. The yellow lights came on again on lap number six, as Alan Muenchow looped it in turn two. Second place changed hands on the restart, as Carrell used the high line to pass Cook out of turn two. Behind Kris Asche, it was anyone’s ballgame for fifth during a long period of green flag racing. That included James Wolfard, Scott Miller, Melvin Decker, 17th-starting Lawrence O’Connor, Shane Mills, and Carl Larson. Bill Rowe spun in turn two on lap 18 for a quick yellow and it happened in front of leader Sweatman, but Tom was able to avoid Bill. Cook used the cushion to reclaim second from Carrell out of turn two on the restart, but Carrell got that spot back for good on the backchute with two laps to go by going down low. All this time, Sweatman was alone out front and drove to win number four of 2015. Carrell was second with Cook holding off Miller for third and O’Connor rounded out the top five.

Mike Romig led all 25 laps in the Northwest Wingless Tour/Oregon Double Shot Series A-Main, as he passed Dan Dunlap on the backstretch on the first lap. D. Dunlap slipped up high out of turn two on lap five, and that allowed May 16 winner Tim Alberding to take the second spot away. Just like the modified race, you can throw a blanket over a good bunch of cars. The field was running very tight from fourth to about 12th place. The yellow flag came out on lap 13, as Sterling Kane spun to a stop in turn two. Alberding was right on Romig’s bumper on the restart, but couldn’t make a pass on him. Another yellow flew with 16 laps in when Jeff Dunlap spun in turn one, collecting Otto Jorgenson and top qualifier John Butler. Things got slowed down again on the following lap when Jamee Gardner spun in turn two and Kane stopped in turn four. Alberding closed to within a car length of Romig as the laps tick away, but still couldn’t quite find a way around. Romig hung on for the win with Alberding crossing the stripe in second with D. Dunlap third, Guy Weedman fourth, and Jake Gilman fifth.

It was a battle of the 11’s in the 20-lap feature for the outlaw tuners, with Ryan Onasch’s #11 Vikingmobile leading Cody Scouller's #11XXX black four-door. Scouller was side-by-side with Onasch at the stripe on lap five, then made the pass stick on the backstretch on the next lap. Dale Vacknitz, Sr. later spun in turn one and nearly got clipped by Don Briggs, Jr., but everyone kept going and the green lights stayed on. Onasch got the lead back as everyone completed lap seven and it happened before Jason Valentine’s turn four spin. Scouller got the lead back on the restart, but Onasch wasn't ready to throw in the towel. Ryan snared the lead again in turn three on the ninth lap, but went too high and Cody passed him back. The last yellow was out with six laps to go, as Kaleya Onasch spun down low in turn four. The top five cars were running nose-to-tail on the final restart, but Scouller held everybody off. Cody would go on to win over R. Onasch, George Lovell, Briggs, and Vacknitz, Jr.

I wanted to come to the Summer Thunder Sprint Series race on June 6, but I worked that day. I was hoping to see a race before too long and I found out that I was free for this race, so I jumped at it. Here’s a summary for everything...

Thomases in Trouble: It wasn’t a good day if your first or last name is Thomas in the midgets. Kenzi Thomas was fighting for fifth with Lindquist when they touched in turns three and four on lap number seven in the first heat race. Kenzi spun and collected Thomas Walker, with Kenzi going up and over. The second heat also went red, as Garrett Thomas jumped Vollbrecht’s right rear tire in turn one and flipped over with T. Thomas also getting involved in the crash. Walker was the only driver not to start the main event, while G. Thomas barely made it out before the green flag. Tristin was the top finisher for the unrelated Thomases in second, with Kenzi finishing ninth and Garrett was tenth.

Staying Red Hot: It’s no doubt that Sweatman is on a serious roll in the mods, as he collected his fourth win of the year and has won three straight. Phil Martelli mentioned that defending champion Craig Moore had three wins at GHR in all of 2014. Sweatman has finished in the top five in all six races so far, and his lowest finish was a fourth in the season opener on April 25.

Champion in a Different Car: Speaking of Moore, he made his second start of '15 aboard Louis Nutter, Sr.’s #51 car. A strong field was in attendance and Craig had to come through a pretty stacked B-Main, which he finished in the third and final transfer spot. He went on to pass seven cars to finish 11th in the A.

In for the Long Haul: Three modified drivers towed many hours to get to Grays Harbor Raceway. Cook, O’Connor, and Lane Zerbin came from Vancouver Island. On the other end, Weedman had about a four-hour drive from his hometown of Moro, Oregon. Further down Highway 97, Carrell and Mills came up from Redmond. This was Mills’ first ever start at GHR and had a respectable night to show for it, as he was in the thick of things for a top five spot in the main event. He posted an eighth-place finish after starting 14th.

The Fast Lane: Victoria, B.C.’s Zerbin also had a strong performance in his debut appearance at Grays Harbor Raceway. He was sixth in the second mod heat and had to go to the B. He dominated it by winning over O’Connor and Moore by more than a half of a lap. Lane started the big show in 16th, but climbed his way to ninth.

Second Career Victories: Romig got his first ever win in a sprint car during a NWWT race at GHR on May 17, 2014 and the Vancouver driver got win number two at GHR just over a year later despite some heavy pressure from Alberding. Scouller and Onasch got their first career wins in the tuners on May 23 and June 6, respectively. They had a hard-fought battle all race long in the main event with Cody coming through.

It‘s a Family Thing, Part 2: There were four different father and son teams that were in attendance. The NWWT/ODSS had two combos (Dan and Jeff Dunlap, plus Otto and Jonathan Jorgenson), the modifieds had one (Shane and Austin Kerrigan), and the tuners had one as well (Dale Vacknitz, Sr. and Jr.). The tuners also had a brother and sister team in Ryan and Kaleya Onasch.

Number for the Weekend: 24. That’s how many modifieds were in the pits and it’s a season-high number for them. It’s a very impressive number despite the Wild West Modified Shootout opener going on at Southern Oregon Speedway, where 40 cars showed up. All four classes had very solid turnouts with 16 midgets, 16 wingless sprints, and nine tuners.

Hard Luck Award: Willie Wright. After starting off with four straight wins in the tuners, Willie had trouble in the last three races. He lost power in turn two on lap five while leading the heat race, and was a no-show for the main event.

“Never Say Die” Award: O’Connor. After not racing in the first modified heat, “Sir” Lawrence had to start dead last in the B-Main. He passed S. Kerrigan for third down the backstretch on the eighth lap and nipped Moore for second at the checkered flag. Lawrence was the hard charger in the A by ascending twelve spots to fifth.

Pictures: http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Racer4u_2006/

Blog: http://www.shauninthedirt.com/bensblog/

Next race: The 44th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box next Thursday through Saturday (June 25 through 27) at Skagit Speedway, featuring the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV American Real. This will be the first ever ASCS race of any sort at Skagit. Brock Lemley won last year’s rain-shortened main event to earn his biggest win of his career, pocketing 20 grand. The Northwest Focus Midgets compete on the 26th, while the outlaw tuners come by on the 27th.

Get well soon, Dick Wilskey!

P.S. To John Butler, thanks again for the Gatorade...very quenching!

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Jumping the Start: Round #8 at Grays Harbor Raceway 
Round number eight is coming up Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway. The Northwest Wingless Tour will be in action along with the Shipwreck Beads modifieds, Northwest Focus Midgets, and outlaw tuners.

The Northwest Wingless Tour drivers will make their second appearance of the year at GHR. They were there on May 16, where Tim Alberding won over Mike Romig and Guy Weedman. Alberding leads the points by 14 markers over Weedman and 21 over Jonathan Jorgenson.

Tom Sweatman comes into the weekend with three victories and a 59-point lead over four-time champion Scott Miller in the Shipwreck Beads modifieds standings. Miller captured the GHR season opener on April 25 and Mark Carrell won the May 9 show. Saturday’s race is round number seven for the Washington Modified Tour, so expect the Grays Harbor regulars taking on a handful of visiting drivers.

Tristin Thomas leads the way for the Northwest Focus Midgets. Despite winning only once this year, what’s impressive is that Tristin is 8-for-8 in getting the fast time award this season. Garrett Thomas (no relation to Tristin) has three wins on the year, while Mike Vollbrecht has two. Kelsey Carpenter got the victory in the last midget race at Skagit Speedway on May 30.

2015 has been a breakout year for Willie Wright in the outlaw tuner class, as he’s the points leader and he's won four of the six races so far. The last two races saw two first-time winners, as Cody Scouller won on May 23 and Ryan Onasch picked up the W last Saturday.

More sunshine is forecasted for Saturday, and the racing will continue to heat up as four different classes get ready for competition.

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Schedule change 
I'm unable to go to Saturday's race at Grays Harbor Raceway due to turning in some long and lopsided hours at work.

I hope to attend a race between now and Dirt Cup. If something comes up, I'll let you know!

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