Jumping the Start: Grays Harbor Raceway 2016 season opener 
Grays Harbor Raceway is ready to get its 2016 season underway on Saturday, and four divisions are on the program. Race fans will get a chance to see the 360 sprint cars, Shipwreck Beads modifieds, Cut Rate Auto Parts street stocks, and the Northwest Focus Midgets in competition.

The reigning champions at GHR are Henry Van Dam (sprints), Scott Miller (modifieds), Tristin Thomas (midgets), Jack Parshall (streets), and Willie Wright (outlaw tuners). That makes it five track titles for Miller, while Van Dam and Parshall have two apiece and Wright got his first championship. Thomas picked up a total of four titles in ‘15 by also winning track championships at Deming Speedway and Skagit Speedway, as well as the overall Northwest Focus Midgets title.

If you were at the season opener last year, it took a while to get finished thanks to Mother Nature. Showers were in the area before the racing started and everything didn’t get done until after midnight. Trey Starks (sprints), Miller (modifieds), Garrett Thomas (midgets), Austin Kerrigan (streets), and Wright (tuners) were the winners. The forecast for Saturday looks good, as it’ll be sunny and pleasant in the daytime.

Grays Harbor fans, it’s time for that old question again. Are you ready to go racing? Everything begins in only five days!

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Yakima Dirt Track pics are here! 
My shots from last weekend's Summer Thunder Sprint Series/Washington Modified Tour season opener have arrived. You get all three days' worth of shots and I'm ready for some more racing! See you around...

http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Racer4 ... amp;page=1

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Time to Review: Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge thoughts 
I decided to do something different to kick off my 2016 season, so it was an eastbound drive to the Yakima Dirt Track in the State Fair Park. I was there for all three days, as I was at Thursday’s practice session to see the drivers who are participating and to also get a few speed shots with my camera. The Summer Thunder Sprint Series and the Washington Modified Tour were back for a two-day show for the Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge to get their seasons started. Sprint cars, modifieds, picture perfect weather, people ready to go racing again...what’s not to like?

Jerry Schram and Craig Hanson were on the front row in Friday’s Washington Modified Tour 25-lap A-Main with Hanson getting the top spot. There was a lot of side-by-side racing early, and drivers were swapping positions constantly. The first yellow flag flew with six laps complete, as Morgan Criswell spun out on the backstretch. Hanson lost the lead on the restart when his left rear tire went flat and he coasted to a stop in turns three and four. That gave the top spot to Jesse Williamson. Another yellow was needed two laps later when Don Martin spun in turn three and Don Jenner stopped a few feet away. John Campos took second from Schram on the restart at the flagstand and had his eyes on Williamson. Yellow flag number three came out on lap eleven, as Sam Carlisle and Grey Ferrando did synchronized spins on the backstretch while fighting for fifth. The rest of the field scattered to avoid the wreck and Martin made hard contact with Ferrando. Only Carlisle would restart. A red flag occurred on lap 13 and it was unlucky for Nick Bessette. He spun around in turn four before getting plowed by Hanson, resulting in Bessette getting on his roof. Nick was okay. The second half of the race went nonstop and the driver on the move was Collen Winebarger. He started 13th, and he got by Monte Bischoff for third in turn one on lap 17. Winebarger’s next victim was Campos, and the two went side-by-side for a while before Collen finally made the pass stick out of turn four with four to go. All along, Williamson had everything under control and took home the win with C. Winebarger getting second. Campos and Bischoff went at it for third as the laps wound down with Campos getting it by a nose. D. Jenner recovered for fifth after starting 19th.

There was also a lot of carnage in the Summer Thunder Sprint Series 30-lap main event, as it had four yellow flags and three reds. The first red flag happened on the opening lap, as Steve Vague and Justin Youngquist flipped in turn two with Robbie Price getting collected. Vague got the worst end of the deal, as he bounced off the catch fence. On the ninth lap, Travis Jacobson and Cam Smith were battling for fifth when Jacobson’s left rear tire came off. T-Jac rolled over and Lance Sargent was also involved. The third and final red was displayed on a lap eleven restart when Austen Wheatley somersaulted down the backchute. All drivers were okay. Jared Peterson led laps one through seven before reigning series champion Jason Solwold passed him out of turn four on lap eight. Solwold started the race in eighth, but he left the rest of the field far behind. He would win it over Peterson, Cam Smith, J.J. Hickle, and Price.

Williamson was on the pole in Saturday’s 30-lap modified main and looked to complete the weekend sweep. Defending series champ Mark Carrell finished 18th on Friday and searched for a better result, as he got by D. Jenner for second out of turn four to complete the second lap. D. Jenner lost third two laps later when he got sideways in turn two and lost many spots, but got third place back as the red flag came out moments later. Scott Winebarger, Bischoff, Matt Jenner, Ferrando, and Campos were involved in a big wreck in turn three. Just Ferrando would return. Williamson and Carrell were still running first and second, while Jason Beaulieu moved up to third when he got by D. Jenner out of turn on lap five. Carrell closed in on Williamson lap by lap during a long stretch of green flag racing and he took the top spot on the 18th lap out of turn two, but the pass didn’t count. The yellow lights came on for Ferrando, who stopped on the backstretch. That meant Williamson got the lead back. J. Beaulieu got a great restart and took second from Carrell and wasn’t done. Jason didn’t race on Friday and he was there to win. He used the high line to pass Williamson out of turn two to complete lap 18. The yellow lights were on right after that, as Danny O’Neil and Kyle Yeack spun in turn three. Carrell passed Williamson for second out of turn one on the restart and his sights were on J. Beaulieu. The final yellow was displayed with three to go when O’Neil and Hanson went spinning in turns three and four. J. Beaulieu was still out front, but Carrell was still there. Mark tried to make a a pass on the final lap, but fell about two car lengths short to Jason. The top five went J. Beaulieu, Carrell, Williamson, C. Winebarger, and 19th-starting Chris Beaulieu.

Vague shot out to the lead in the 30-lap feature race for the STSS, with Hickle and Trey Starks in second and third. Hickle and Starks were side-by-side on lap six, with Trey taking second from J.J. out of turn four. Starks was about ready to pass Vague for the lead on the ninth lap when Sargent spun in turn three for a yellow flag. Bollinger stopped in turn two and Bud Ashe also stopped a few feet behind Bollinger. Vague and Starks were one and two on the restart, but the third spot changed hands on lap number nine when Solwold took it away from Hickle. Starks once again was putting some pressure on Vague, as they worked through lapped traffic at the halfway point and Solwold was in the hunt as well. Starks made the pass on Vague on lap 16 in turns one and two, but Vague and Solwold were not far behind as they drove through more slower traffic. Solwold passed Vague for second at the stripe with on the 20th lap, but Starks had a comfortable lead. The yellow lights came on two laps later, as Sargent spun again in turns one and two. Cam Smith found himself facing the wrong way in turns three and four to bring out a caution with three laps to go. Starks didn’t have any problems with the late yellows and won over Solwold, Hickle, Jacobson, and Vague.

I can finally cross off the Yakima Dirt Track from my bucket list, and what a way to get my 2016 season off and running! As always, I have some thoughts about everything and let’s dive in...

Spring’s in the Air: The weather for all three days was absolutely perfect to kick off the season for the Summer Thunder Sprint Series and Washington Modified Tour. All three days got up to 76 degrees and there’s really no need to bundle up, although there was a cool breeze on Saturday. This was warmer than last year’s event, where the high temperature was 59.

New Faces in the Crowd: One thing that stuck out in the roster for both classes was that a majority of the field were not at last year’s event. 35 out of the 60 total drivers were first-time entrants in the Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge (eight sprint car racers and 27 modified competitors).

57 Varieties: Last year’s race had 31 sprint cars and 26 modifieds in the pits. Friday’s total turnout had 57 cars as well, but with a very different combination. Just 22 sprints showed up, but the modifieds had 35 strong. Drivers came from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, and Alberta to race.

Catch-22: Two Skagit Speedway veterans were showing off their new riders last weekend. Justin Youngquist was driving the #22 car owned by Dale Melin from Edmonton, Alberta, while Travis Jacobson drove the #22X machine as a teammate for Trevor Cook. Justin and Travis had their nights end early in the main event on Friday, as they both flipped over. Both guys kept it dirty side down Saturday with T-Jac finishing fourth and Youngquist ending up ninth.

Oh, Oregon!: The modified racers from Oregon proved to be a group reminiscent of last year’s Shipwreck Beads Modified Nationals presented by FinishLine Graphics at Grays Harbor Raceway. Six of the top ten finishers in Friday’s main event were from Oregon, including first through fourth place. Five Oregon drivers were in the top ten in Saturday’s show, even though the $1,000 winner’s check went up to British Columbia.

Freeway Truckin’: It’s interesting when you come to a race and you may never know whose trailer might pass you along the way. Brandon Nutter went by me on I-90 between Easton and Cle Elum before Thursday’s test and tune. A couple of hours later, Tiana Berkeley passed me going down I-82. The Beaulieus got by me traveling northbound I-82 after Saturday’s racing was completed.

Taking the Bus: Race teams usually take vans, trucks, or semis to get to their destination. Some of them have open trailers, while others have closed ones. Yeack went way out in left field, as his vehicle of choice was an old Blue Bird school bus. The front of the bus was the truck, while the back acted as the trailer. Kyle had a respectable weekend and avoided the havoc. He won Friday’s fourth heat race and got eighth in the A-Main. He was put to the test on Saturday when he had Lawrence O’Connor all over him for the fourth and final transfer spot in heat four, but Kyle held onto fourth to transfer to the big dance. Despite spinning in turn three with O’Neil with seven laps to go, Kyle still finished ninth. #YeackFest

Getting Some Laps In: A small group of drivers with the Northwest Focus Midgets came to Yakima on Saturday for testing, even though they don’t have a race confirmed there as of yet. Ryan Cully, Jacob Brown, Eric Turner, Chance Crum, and Gaylon Stewart ran two sessions of hot laps to get a feel for everything. They were in the 20- and 21-second bracket, and Stewart was the fastest driver in both sessions. The season opener for the Northwest Focus Midgets is on April 30 at GHR.

Number for the Weekend: 11. That’s how many cars that finished in the modified A-Mains for both nights. Quite a few cars left the track either on the hook or on a flatbed.

Consistency Award: C. Winebarger (modifieds) and Hickle (sprint cars). There’s no kryptonite for the Superman car, as Collen got a third and a fourth for the weekend. Even though he didn’t win the Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge like last year, Hickle still racked up a fourth on Friday and a third on Saturday.

Hard Luck Award: Cook. Trevor qualified ninth out of 22 cars on Friday, but mechanical woes plagued him all weekend long and didn’t make any laps in the heats or the main events.

“Never Say Die” Award: Vague. After taking a nasty flip into the turn two fence on the opening lap of Friday’s A-Main, Steve led the first fifteen laps of Saturday’s main event before surrendering it to Starks and coming home in fifth.

Best Appearing Car: A few modified racers had new awesome paint schemes for the 2016 season, and they’re things that picture and video people absolutely love. My selections are Bischoff, Criswell, B.J. Wild, Kyler Moore, Schram, Carlisle, Campos, and Tom Warner.

Next race: The Grays Harbor Raceway season opener on April 30. Four classes are on the card: 360 sprints, street stocks, modifieds, and the Northwest Focus Midgets.

Pictures: http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n205/Racer4u_2006/

Blog: http://www.shauninthedirt.com/bensblog

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Jumping the Start: Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge 
For Pacific Northwest race fans, this will be their Spring Break vacation. The Summer Thunder Sprint Series and the Washington Modified Tour begin their 2016 seasons with a trip to Yakima for the Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge Friday and Saturday. Both racing tours were at Yakima last year to start their respective seasons with a one-night show, but they’re coming back for a two-day night show this weekend.

Jason Solwold won four times with the Summer Thunder Sprint Series and he also won the championship by 16 points over 2014 champion Colton Heath. Rounding out the top five in points were Robbie Price, Reece Goetz, and Cam Smith. Solwold’s standout victories include winning the 44th annual Jim Raper Dirt Cup presented by Jack in the Box at Skagit Speedway and taking the first night of the Fred Brownfield Classic at Grays Harbor Raceway (both races were also Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series events).

The Washington Modified Tour completed a successful first year in ‘15 and Redmond, Oregon’s Mark Carrell was the champion. Carrell had magnificent performances in Washington, as he won at both Skagit and Grays Harbor. Lawrence O’Connor was second in points, followed by Aaron Weston, Melvin Decker, and Kris Asche.

J.J. Hickle was the winner of the STSS portion of last year’s event. Evan Margeson led the first seven laps before Hickle took over on lap eight. Hickle went on to capture the 30-lapper over Solwold, Margeson, Jared Peterson, and Trey Starks.

B.J. Wild won the 25-lap Washington Modified Tour A-Main after starting tenth, as he used the high line to get by Decker for the top spot on the 11th lap. Carrell was second for a 1-2 finish of the Central Oregon racers. Travis Peery spun out while running second with seven laps to go, but rebounded for third. O’Connor and Decker completed the top five.

A practice session will be held on Thursday, so the drivers get a chance to test the high-speed Yakima track out. Friday’s Summer Thunder Sprint Series main event pays $2,000 to win and Saturday’s feature is bumped up to a $3,000-to-win show. Friday’s Washington Modified Tour A-Main pays $500 to win, and the stakes get higher on Saturday with a $1,000 payday for the winner.

For the second straight year, sprint car and modified racing will get an early start with a race east of the Cascades. The Yakima Valley Sprint Car Challenge is expanded to two nights, so race fans will see some electrifying side-by-side racing...times two!

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My first race of 2016 is... 
...in two and a half weeks! I'll be heading east for the Summer Thunder Sprint Series/Washington Modified Tour season opener at the Yakima Dirt Track. The practice session and chili feed take place on March 31, while the racing happens on April 1 and 2

I've wanted to go to Yakima for a while. So, I figured I'd get an early racing fix and to go to a new place. I'm looking forward to getting my 2016 racing season underway and the first "Jumping the Start" preview will arrive in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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Happy holidays and 2016 outlook 
2015 was a fun year for me and I wished that it didn't end. I watched 15 races, which was up from eleven in '13 and ten in '14. Just two races got rained out (half of the opening night of the Northwest Modified Nationals and the first night for the World of Outlaws at Skagit Speedway). Not too bad, huh?

Some schedules for 2016 have already been released, but not all. The Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by MAVTV Motorsports Network will be back at it at Skagit Speedway for the 45th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup on June 23, 24, and 25. On the following weekend (July 1 and 2), they'll head south to Grays Harbor Raceway for the second annual Fred Brownfield Classic.

The World of Outlaws will make their trip across the Northwest during the Labor Day weekend once again. They'll be at Skagit on September 2 and 3, GHR on the 5th, and Lebabon, Oregon's Willamette Speedway on the 7th. They have two races in North Dakota (River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks and Nodak Speedway in Minot) on August 26 and 28 before going straight to Washington.

Nothing has been released yet for Skagit, GHR, the Summer Thunder Sprint Series, or the Washington Modified Tour. Hopefully, their schedules will be out very soon. Once they're out, it's just a matter of filling in the blanks of where I'm going to be.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See everybody at the races in 2016! Peace and a half!

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Fall Nats pics uploaded 
My shots from the Fall Nats have finally arrived! I'm still trying to get used to all of the changes on my computer.

What a way to finish of my year at Nor Cal! Check my pics out at the address below...

http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Racer4 ... amp;page=1

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Time to Review: Fall Nationals recap 
I apologize for the delay of typing my recap on my trip to the 23rd annual Fall Nationals at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California last Friday and Saturday. The hard drive on my computer went kaput, but I’m back up and running on all cylinders again! I’ll try to post my pictures very soon...

This was my first visit to Chico in over seven years and my first trip to the Fall Nationals, better known as the “Tribute to Stephen Allard”. Three different classes of sprint cars were on the program and they packed the pits very tightly.

Brandon Powell was this year’s economy sprint champion at Silver Dollar and he led the first two laps of the 15-lap main event before spinning out between turns one and two on the third lap. That gave the lead to Cameron Haney. Another yellow flag came out on the fifth lap, as Keith Mikaelsen spun in turns one and two and got t-boned by Powell. Mikaelsen restarted with extensive wing damage, while Powell was done. Haney’s car didn’t get up to speed at the restart, and Wyatt Brown took the lead down the backstretch. Chris Story challenged Brown for the top spot and took it away out of turn four as the white flag came out. However, the two made contact after the flagstand and that sent Story flipping off turn one. Chris was okay. Brown found a new challenger at the very end and that would be Shawna Overton. Overton had the lead in turn three on the final lap, but got sideways out of turn four and that allowed Brown to sneak by and score the win. Overton was second and Mikaelsen was third, while the other drivers didn’t finish.

Sean Becker showed the way in most of the 360 30-lap A-Main, which had two red flags. The first one was on lap nine, as Justyn Cox tumbled violently off turn one after contact with Andy Gregg while battling for the sixth spot. Michael Ing took a nasty flip out of turn two a couple of laps later and Garen Linder was also involved. Both Cox and Ing were A-OK. Becker was still leading despite a collapsed nose wing as he was ahead of Carson Macedo, Tyler Walker, Jonathan Allard, and Kyle Hirst. The yellow lights came on with six laps to go when Willie Croft slowed in turn four and pulled into the infield with front end damage. Hirst was fifth on the last restart, but he took fourth from Allard in turn two and third from Walker out of turn four on lap 24. Hirst continued to use the high line on the following lap, as he stole second from Macedo at the line. Hirst’s persistence paid off, as he took the top spot from Becker in turn two with four to go and Macedo got second from “The Shark” at the stripe. Macedo got the lead with two laps left at the flagstand, but Hirst got it back and never relinquished it. Macedo, Becker, Walker, and Andy Forsberg completed the top five.

Saturday’s wingless main event was scheduled to be 20 laps, but it got cut to 15 due to time constraints. It was a battle of the #12 cars as John Clark led the first two laps before R.C. Smith took it away at the stripe on lap three. Despite four yellow flags, Clark kept it close on the low side and Smith found the cushion to his liking. Smith got the victory, but his strong performance was all for naught as he was DQ’ed by being light at the scales during postrace inspection. Clark was the winner, followed by “Nitro” Nick Larson, Bret Barney, Angelique Bell (back from her turn one spin on lap six), and Marcus Smith.

The 40-lap feature for the 360’s got off to a shaky start when Kirt Organ, Chase Majdic, and Steven Tiner were involved in an opening lap triple flip down the backstretch. All three drivers were uninjured, and Majdic would refire. Hirst took the lead from pole sitter Walker, and Croft took second from T-Dub going into turn three on the first lap. Lap seven proved to be unlucky for Hirst, as he slowed in turn three and Croft went by. Two more yellows came out when Majdic stopped off turn two on lap eight and Macedo came to a halt in turn four five laps later. Croft lost the lead to Justin Sanders going into turn three on lap 13, and Shane Golobic also passed Croft for second place two laps later in turn one. Croft had more problems by driving off turn two on lap 16 and Scott Hall also spun in turn two. Croft brought out another yellow flag on the restart, as he spun in turn three and that was the end of his night. Forsberg started tenth and he took third from J. Allard at the line on the 17th lap, and got second from Golobic out of turn four on lap 24 when Golobic got crossed up. Forsberg showed why he’s called “Mr. Excitement”, as he took the lead from Sanders on lap 28 in turn three. Golobic moved up to second on the next lap down the backstretch to also get by Sanders, while Walker used the high line in turn one to grab third on the 31st circuit. Walker was still third with seven to go when he went off the raceway in turn one, and he dropped to eighth. Greg DeCaires and 18th-starting Sean Becker were now third and fourth. Becker passed DeCaires for third in turn two with four laps left, but no one could catch Forsberg. Despite being held up by the slower car of D.J. Freitas, Forsberg got his second Fall Nationals win and first since 2006. Becker passed Golobic for second on the last corner, with DeCaires fourth and J. Allard fifth.

My 2015 racing season is complete and I’m happy that I’ve attended more races than the last few years. I went to 15 races and only two of them got rained out. One of the rainouts was made up the following day, and that would be the Modified Nationals at GHR back in July. Finally, my recap has arrived and here we go...

Splitting Hairs: The Fall Nationals used a World of Outlaws style format for the first time in event history where the field was split into two groups for qualifying. It was a great call with a loaded car count both nights with 54 cars on Friday and 56 on Saturday. Group A would run heats 1 and 2 and group B take up heats 3 and 4, while the 48 drivers are locked into the heats.

TQ Times Two: The driver who benefited from this split format was Golobic, who was Friday’s top qualifier in group A and fastest driver overall. He was the fast timer in Saturday’s group B and ninth overall, as the winds really picked up and the track got very tricky. Walker, Forsberg, Croft, and Jason Statler were the only other drivers in the group to be in the 12-second bracket as the others were in the 13’s, 14’s, or 15’s. Golobic got in a stout weekend with an eighth on Friday and third Saturday.

Wacky Weather: Friday was a summer-like day in Chico, as it got up to 90 degrees. That’s hot for October for me, but it’s not as unbearable as it was in my last visit in '08 when it was hugging around 100. Saturday’s high temperature was 84, but the wind was blowing big time for the majority of the night and there was also lightning nearby. Fortunately, no rain fell and the lightning stayed with me as I was heading back to my hotel in Oroville!

Justin Takes a Jump: Sanders is having a phenomenal season driving his father Rick’s #17 car or Rudy and Bev Warrington’s #18. For the Fall Nats, he was behind the wheel of Alan Bradway and Steve Tuccelli’s F&F Racing #X1. Justin led the first three laps of Friday’s dash when he slowed on the frontstretch. It turned out that the culprit was a loose spark plug wire. Justin fell out on the 21st lap of the A-Main with a flat right rear tire and he finshed 17th. He led laps 13 through 27 in Saturday’s big show before slipping to seventh at the finish. Justin got win number 20 for the year just last night at Ocean Speedway in the #17.

Transferring from Cycleland: Making his first ever 360 sprint car start on Saturday was 15-year-old Kalib Henry. He’s the son of two-time Civil War champion Mike Henry, and he was this year's open champion at Cycleland Speedway just minutes south of Silver Dollar Speedway. Kalib was driving Dan Monhoff’s #35 car and he finished third in the C-Main before ending up 16th in the B.

Doing It for SA: Silver Dollar regular Brad Bumgarner, better known as “The Big Dog”, added an SA sticker to his #88 car (four cars had the number 88). He was dead last in Friday’s main event, but he did better Saturday by passing nine cars to finish 13th. DeCaires raced Saturday only and he was one of many drivers to watch in Saturday’s feature. He started 11th in Dale Miller’s #4SA car and he got as high as third before surrendering it to Becker with four laps to go.

Getting Swallowed Up: Saturday’s first heat race had their version of the “big one”, as the cars came around for the first lap. Adam Walters got into the frontstretch wall and it was on from there. Cody Hodgson and Brad Furr got upside-down while Herman Klein, Majdic, Jake Haulot, and Mike Monahan were also involved. The nights were over for Walters and Hodgson, while Haulot and Monahan restarted. Furr, Klein, and Majdic would be back later in the night for the mains.

Flipping Out: The Fall Nationals are known to have some carnage, and this year’s running saw quite a bit of it. A total of twelve drivers got on their lids (six drivers flipped both nights), but the best news was all of them climbed out okay.

Number for the Weekend: 5. That’s how many people who have won the Fall Nats more than once. Tim Kaeding leads the way with four wins, followed closely by Becker with three. Forsberg joins Brent Kaeding and Bud Kaeding in a tie for third with two wins apiece. Also, Forsberg took home 5 G’s for Saturday’s win.

Consistency Award: Becker. “The Shark” led the first 25 laps of Friday’s A-Main before falling to third, but he was the hard charger by far on Saturday as he took second place from Golobic with just feet to spare from the 18th starting spot.

Hard Luck Award: Matt Barber and Robbie Price (tie). A couple of drivers had their Fall Nationals end on Friday with nasty crashes. Matt clipped the frontstretch wall on a lap one restart in the first heat race and went on a series of barrel rolls, but climbed out unhurt. Robbie was a victim of a very unfortunate deal during C-Main hot laps. Majdic spun in turn two and clipped Robbie in turn two, sending Robbie flipping end over end. Robbie was also okay, but his car was junk.

Next race: Somewhere and sometime next year...

Pictures: http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n205/Racer4u_2006/

Blog: http://www.shauninthedirt.com/bensblog

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